Consultant Cancer Surgeon
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Welcome to Dr. TARANG PATEL
(MBBS, MS, MCh (Onco Surgery), MAMS)
Dr. Tarang Patel, with work experience of more than 3 decades, belongs to first generation of qualified Surgical Oncologist of India. Dr. Tarang Patel is among the first few who performed pectorals major reconstruction out of institute in Gujarat. He is performing major and supra major head and neck cancer surgeries like Commando, Laryngectomy. He loves doing Thyroid, and Parotid surgery. He has special interest in Breast cancer. Best Cancer Doctors & Oncologist in Ahmedabad. Dr. Tarang Patel is No 1 Oncologist & Breast Cancer Surgeon / treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Cancer Doctor Ahmedabad, Oncologist in ahmedabad, Surgical Oncology, Cancer doctor in Ahmedabad, best cancer surgeon for cancer in Gujarat.

Senior Qualified Cancer Surgeon
  • 30+ years experience of treating cancer
  • > 500  Head  &  Neck  Cancers
  • >  250  Breast  Cancers 
  • > 100 Chemoports
Cancer Awareness
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