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Why do doctors advise to quit smoking?

Smoking is one of the main reasons for head and neck cancers, it becomes essential to give up smoking as soon as possible, as there is no point to follow up any kind of cancer treatment, because smoking with treatment can develop second cancer. It is observed in many cases that smoking increases postoperative complications as recovery time and surgical cuts healing. If a patient keeps smoking in radiotherapy, the effectiveness of the treatment would be less and there could be worse side effects. If a patient needs help in giving up smoking, he/she may talk to with doctor or specialist.

Does alcohol affect head and neck cancer?

Consuming alcohol surely increases the risk of developing head and neck cancer, cancer development chances may be increased during your treatment. It is essential to cut back your alcohol consumption as much as you can, it will help to respond to your treatment.

Is there a connection between oral contraceptive pills and breast cancer?

There is no such evidence available which could ensure the connection between oral contraceptive pills and breast cancer; however, contraceptive has been declared a risk factor for women who have been using birth control pills for more than five years. Gynaecologists advise break for one year in 5-year time frame if a woman consuming oral contraceptives regularly.

How can physical activeness and healthy diet prevent breast cancer?

Exercise boosts up the immune system and helps to keep weight in control, an exercise of 30 minutes per day as a power walk can help to lower risk of breast cancer, low-fat diet with lots of fruits, green and orange vegetables can help to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Is there any connection between thyroid nodules or thyroid cancer?

There is no direct link between thyroid nodules or cancer. Most of the thyroid nodules or lumps are not cancerous, people can get thyroid nodules at any age, but most of the cases have been seen in older people. A person may have a multinodular goiter, it means thyroid has several nodules, here can be extra lumps filled with thyroid hormone. These are not cancer. However, with the help of biopsy or other tests, it could be confirmed that there is cancer or not?

How can I know that I have thyroid cancer, what are the symptoms?

Symptoms of thyroid cancer include- a lump over thyroid or elsewhere in the neck, neck pain, neck swelling, trouble in swelling, trouble in breathing and a constant cough which is not at all related with cold. However, these symptoms could be related with other things then thyroid cancer, it is important to check with a doctor if any of symptoms are bothering you.