Consultant Cancer Surgeon
CIMS Hospital:
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(MBBS, MS, MCh (Onco Surgery), MAMS)
Dr. Tarang Patel, with work experience of more than 3 decades, belongs to first generation of qualified Surgical Oncologist of India. Dr. Tarang Patel is among the first few who performed pectorals major reconstruction out of institute in Gujarat. He is performing major and supra major head and neck cancer surgeries like Commando, Laryngectomy. He loves doing Thyroid, and Parotid surgery. He has special interest in Breast cancer.
Consultant cancer surgeon, Shrey hospital, Ahmedabad Dr. Tarang Patel works independently as Consultant Surgical Oncologist at Shrey hospital, Ahmedabad. He is the first Surgical Oncologist to be part of successful Corporate Healthcare Service provider of Gujarat. Dr. Tarang Patel has performed major and supra major head and Neck cancer surgeries with reconstruction. Major abdominal surgeries for Rectal and Colon cancer including stapler surgery are performed. Dr. Tarang Patel has special interest in treatment of Breast cancer. Modified radical mastectomy and breast preservation/ reconstructive surgery for breast cancer are successfully performed. More than 100 chemo ports are inserted till today without major complications like infection, blockage or extrusion.
M.B.,B.S,, M.S., M.Ch. (Onco Surgery)
B. J. Medical college, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Dr.Tarang Patel was among the first batch of M.Ch.: OncoSurgery in Gujarat. He was first to popularize paramedian mandibulotomy with Oropharyngeal: Base Tongue and Tonsil tumour excision in Gujarat. He is pioneer in Chemo-Port implantation in Gujarat with more than 100 implant to his credit.
Dr. Tarang Patel has experience and access to offer “Radio Frequency Ablation” for treatment and control of Liver, Lung cancer and early metastatic disease from Colon, Rectal and Breast cancer.
Dr. Tarang Patel has acquired knowledge on parenteral and enteral nutrition. He has been resource person at many clinical nutrition meets.
Dr. Tarang Patel is a resource person at Breast Cancer education programs. He has special interest in anti-tobacco and cancer awareness.
Admission Rights:
You are free to choose any of following hospital for operation for cancer (facility, rules and cost varies).
CIMS Hospital - 30101951, Sterling Hospital - 40011111, SAL Hospital - 66115600,
Shalby Hospital - 40203000, Apollo Hospital - 18605001066
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